Radical Choice


My name is Gary Hipworth and I live in Melbourne, Australia. The purpose of my website is to return the power and centre of your life back to you because your life has been hijacked by your society, your family and your friends and your enemies.

When you ‘get’ the reason for your life being hijacked, you will instantly regain your freedom.

All the shrinks in the world and all the drugs and all the counsellors and all the psychiatrists and all the personal growth workshops and self-help books don’t go anywhere near this root cause because it will mean the end of the world as we know it, and that is too much for most people to contemplate.

So this ‘secret’ is not for everyone. Before you keep reading, make sure you are open and ready to embrace the unknown and trust your own intuition. Otherwise it is best that you stop right now.

What is this radical choice that is available to everyone but is not widely known?

When this radical choice dawned on me, I stopped doing a lot of things and being with certain people that had become an unconscious habit to fill up the day. I focused my time and energy and love on what was truly important to me.

I reveal all as you take a wander through my website. For now I will just say what this radical choice has done for me.

I now am the sole power over my life! Before my massive insight, my life was in the hands of circumstances, other people’s agendas, the state, and my body’s internal organic processes.

My truly radical choice has changed everything!

I also reveal how I stumbled on this life-changing insight.

Some topics I cover include: who or what is the ego?, death terror, anger and grief at loved ones dying, family violence, suicide, murder, frustration with myself for not living up to my ideals, marriage break-up, depression, despair, freedom, responsibility, career frustrations, having your own business, animal welfare & cruelty, health & wellbeing, deadly psychiatry & toxic drugs, nature & environment, creativity, choosing to live, personal growth, aha moments that changed me instantly, enlightenment and moments of inexpressible bliss.

It is up to you to make your life what you will. Each person has different life challenges, circumstances, families, cultures and ethnic backgrounds to contend with. However, there is one thing that is common to every single human – to take the radical choice or not to take it!

When you decide to take the radical choice, there is no turning back.

Gary Hipworth

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