Ponder this illustration. Who owns you? Your answer may surprise you. Why should anything or anyone, including yourself, limit your capacity to find out what your are really capable of?

You only live once. Are you creating the life that you can love?

The maverick psychotherapist¬†– American¬†Albert Ellis, coined the name ‘musterbation’ for mind habits that assume what we ‘should’ or ‘must’ do or need to do to satisfy others perceived needs, or risk their rejection.

How much freedom then, do you really enjoy?

If many of your reactions are based on your cultural programming – then you don’t actually have much freedom at all.

This situation may come as a shock. It did to me.

So I decided to change things.

I stopped believing anything that was a second-hand belief.

I stopped musterbating.

Reality at this very moment is my guide, not anything programmed into my slavish memory.

It’s truly liberating and exhilarating to not know from one moment to the next what I will say, do or think.