The world I live in has people glued to screens. Actually, it’s worse than that as the mobile phone has now become an extension of the hand. It may well be the most addictive device in history.

Doctors are prescribing pills for sad people to survive from day to day, with drug companies making millions and turning people into machines.

People are too scared to look each other in the eye or even talk and connect in person.

We work in jobs we hate, hanging out for Friday so we can get out of our hell for a couple of days and drown our sorrows.

We are building more jails to house the evil humans rather than educate people how to live a peaceful and creative life without crime.

People are killing each other because of different beliefs or killing themselves because it’s all too hard to cope.

Makes me think, what would the people that have gone before us say? They would be rolling over in their graves thinking we have all gone completely mad.

We Humans have some big problems and it’s time to come up with solutions.

Surely we are better than this?

One by one we all have to be kinder and more generous to each other because we can’t keep going like this.

I have resorted to hiking in nature to get away from the madness. It breaks my heart to watch all the senseless violence.

What are we becoming as a race???

Our children and grandkids deserve much better than this as role models. What kind of role model are you?

Rohan Merry
Melbourne writer and entrepreneur
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