It’s very simple to observe your own mind but exceedingly difficult due to all our mental conditioning over thousands of years. Anthony De Mello calls it self-observation or awareness. The Buddhists call it mindfulness. Krishnamurti calls it choiceless awareness. Gurdjieff calls it self-forgetting. Osho calls it unfocused consciousness. Douglas Harding calls it headlessness. Many mystical traditions refer to it as our first nature.

I particularly like De Mello’s description of self-observation. “It means to watch everything in and around you as far as possible and watch it as if it was happening to someone else. It means you look at things as if you had no connection with them whatsoever.”

Remember though that all these different ways of expressing your ‘first nature’ are only fingers pointing at the moon. They are not the moon. You have to do it to experience your true nature. When you go to a restaurant you look at the menu and select a meal you think you will enjoy but you don’t eat the menu. You have to eat the food you have selected from the menu to experience the food.

Try it … it’s free, it’s liberating and it’s your birthright.

You will find out that death is your constant companion too. Are you loving your life? If not, now is the time to do something about it!

Art by Ijachi Ochoche Ijachi