A young female cow (heifer) has her first calf at about two years of age. The calf is taken away, usually within 12-24 hours of birth, and the mother is milked to capacity. She is ready to conceive again about three weeks later, and every three weeks after that. She is put ‘in calf’ again at her second or third heat, and milking continues for some 10 months after she has given birth. She is ‘rested’ for several weeks before the next calf arrives, then the cycle continues for as long as she can continue to produce enough milk to be a “profitable unit”.

It’s clear that separating a calf from his or her mother causes significant distress and suffering to both animals.*

It’s clear I need to seriously consider becoming a vegan again!!

*Refer to www.animalsaustralia.org fact sheets for more information on the sad, cruel treatment of dairy cows and their calves.

Fellow humans – we are better than this!