I have this belief that my human rights will protect me in every situation and therefore I can do just about anything I want, so long as I don’t hurt anyone else.

But I must admit that a chill goes down my spine when I see people on the news get raped, murdered, assaulted, hit on pedestrian crossings, have their homes invaded, have their cars stolen, have their bank accounts hacked and have complete strangers spit on them or scream at them for nothing.

Maybe I need to be a little bit more careful when I go out at night on my own, and maybe I won’t get intoxicated again, and maybe I will be less naïve about my rights.

Light bulb moment!! Maybe I am the only person who can look after my safety by not doing potentially dangerous things like walking down a dark street on my own and being drunk too? Screw intervention orders! Screw human rights! I am going to do self-defense training, have a secure room in my house and be more aware of what is happening around me at all times.

I value my life more than my rights. I can’t predict what might happen in the future but I sure can use prevention and ‘being prepared’ strategies to avoid the worst calamities.

So I won’t go here – ever!:

Drugs, motorbikes, owning other people’s problems, riding a pushbike on a road with other motorised vehicles, walking on the side of a road with traffic coming from behind me, sitting at a desk, factory-farmed meat full of chemicals (and the cruelty for the animals), gangs of any kind – especially the mafia, sugary drinks, experts on anything not open to further learning and transparency, hidden agendas, adversarial anything, utopian visions, night clubs and swimming in ocean beaches with big hungry fish.

This doesn’t mean I will hide in the closet and shrink from life – far from it! I am just staying away from life-threatening activities that can’t be predicted (black swans), and don’t add much value to one’s life anyway. Besides, I want to live forever.