Humans are in big trouble. Why? Well they think they are superior to nature and all other animals. This is a big mistake. Nature is bigger than any one species. Nature is our home and our survival depends on us acknowledging this fact.  

So don’t worry about saving the planet, because the planet will look after itself, and eliminate any species that does not adapt quickly enough to changes in its environment. 

Darwin was the first to realise that all creatures are related to each other with common ancestors. The web of life is a fact.  

So why are humans so stupid that they do not live in the awareness that to destroy our environment is to destroy ourselves? 

It is mainly because we have allowed thought to dominate our lives and we think that thinking is reality and makes us feel secure and safe, when in fact reality is the whole stream of life. 

We are truly only secure and whole people on a moment to moment basis, when all our senses are available to us, but our constant thinking, chattering minds are dominating our lives and making us feel separate from each other and nature, and so we get lonely and depressed and take pills and drink too much and take more pills. Welcome to the slippery slope! 

So what can we do to avoid becoming extinct? We can stop trying to control nature and see the wisdom of getting back in touch with all our senses and living in the present moment as much as possible. 

When we start doing this, we fall in love again with the natural beauty of our environment and other creatures, and truly appreciate the miracle of being alive for its own sake.  

Thinking is no longer the master of our lives, and inner peace and awareness become a way of life and we use thinking only when it is absolutely necessary eg for future planning, paying the bills, and creating something new.