Well, no teacher, that is not an apple. It is a picture of an apple. The child is eating the real apple. And to be even clearer, the teacher should have said, “This (pointing with her finger to the actual apple) is symbolised by the noise apple.” But who talks like this? It may sound obvious, but it is a small step to believing that words are the real thing.

Now we are getting into very dangerous territory with respect to our relationships and our grasp of what is real and what is a symbol. What makes this really horrifying is that each new generation is subject to the same ‘dumb’ symbolic programming, and children have no say in what is being drilled into their brains.

Children also have no comprehension of what is happening to them. How could they? We must find a way to break this stupid, infantile cycle, without throwing out the practical, convenient aspect of language.

The ego-self – which started life as just another symbol that stood for you and me – as objects – not as subjects – has subconsciously taken over our mysterious, unknowable subjective lives.

This is accepted as a fact without any deep reflection or scientific proof, to be our true, real inner self by the vast majority of humans.

But you and I and every other sentient being are not silly, stupid, childish symbols. Your name and your mind stories are a very poor imitation of something much greater and mysterious.

No, you not ‘GOD” – that’s just another silly, childish symbol.

What, or who are you really? That’s a very big topic that we will be exploring in depth.

I will say now however, that you are NOT a separate ego inside a bag of skin. If you believe that you are, then you/ your society is setting you up for terrible, life-threatening mental problems.