This website is dedicated to my mum Lorraine, my brother Ray, my sister Cheryl and my nephew Carl, who all lost their precious lives through the ignorance, fear and violent reactions of fellow humans, or their own hands. In short, they were killed because they did not know how to create a life that they could love, or someone else used violent, automated reactions to take out their own demons on my family.

My World View:
Life has evolved from random events; we are mortal creatures that are all descendants from the one tree of life; we have no predetermined fate or destiny, and each of us must decide how to live as creatively, and meaningfully as possible. Each person, every day, has the power of life and death over themselves. This surely is the mother of all personal freedom and responsibility!

My Deep, Real, Experienced Values:
My children, my family, my friends, my dogs, compassion for all creatures/ reverence for life, courage to take a stand, nature, my life & health, learning, curiosity, harmony, creativity, sense of the ridiculous.

Globally the human ‘violent automaton’ problem is scary:

  • Around 191 million lives lost in the 2 World Wars of the 20th century
  • 35% of all women experience violence at some time in their lives
  • Nearly 2 million deaths due directly to violence every year
  • It is estimated that 45% of people will experience depression in their lifetime
  • The hidden ‘passive’ violence which is impossible to estimate but goes on in many homes and relationships on a daily basis (e.g. verbal, psychological, financial, property, manipulation abuse)
  • Over 56 billion animals are killed each year by humans for consumption (not counting fish), and many are deprived of a decent life and fed growth hormones and cruelly treated
  • More than 100 million animals are killed in US laboratories alone for dubious scientific and medical reasons
  • Environmental pollution including species extinction, water mismanagement, toxic climate change, nuclear waste mismanagement, too many to mention!

You may be wondering if modern mechanical humans have any redeeming qualities? Yes, their mechanical brains are brilliant at making machines! Levers, pulleys, screws, clocks, pumps, heat engines, turbines, propellers, calculators, computers, robots, rockets, smart phones … the list is virtually endless.

But sadly, our socially-sanctioned mechanical minds are hollow and empty of answers. Time to do something about it, or we will blow ourselves up and everything else will go with us.

Create the life that you love despite your death sentence!